Hand painting the Nova Scotia Tartan

Nova Scotia tartan,hand crafts,Made in Nova Scotia

hand painting tartan

I just thought I’d try a hand at hand painting the Nova Scotia tartan. Overall, not fabulous, but like I say, you don’t know until you try. 

After all the colors were on (or at least the colors I thought were there) we stood back for a look. Not bad, but upon closer inspection its easy to see now what’s missing, and that is the black parts of the pattern. NOt bad though for a first time effect…if I do say so myself 🙂


Experimenting with #NovaScotia tartan craft painting.

A video posted by Jim Barry (@woodchuckcanuck) on

Up close maybe not quite right but its meant to be seen from a distance, on yard art decor. #NovaScotia #tartan

A video posted by Jim Barry (@woodchuckcanuck) on

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