Cape Breton Wood Map No.3

Cape Breton #3,wood maps,wood crafts,Nova Scotia

Cape Breton Wood Map No.3 $75 as is

Here is a wood map of Cape Breton I cut as a request from a new customer who wanted the ‘positive’ image. When I cut wood projects like this I refer to them as the ‘positive’ and the ‘negative’.

What you see above is the ‘negative’ project. Its typically what is left over from making the ‘positive’ project. When I am careful and take my time, I am usually successful in being able to capture both and sell as projects.

To see if this project is for sale, check out For Sale page on this web site. If a customer wants it frame with a Cape Breton tartan background, that can be discussed.

wooden maps,cape breton,scrollsaw,woodworking projects

Wood map Cape Breton No 3 framed

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