New Timber People craft projects

timber people,woodworking,RCMP,Royal Guardsman

Our newest woodworking crafts.

Introducing our newest collection of woodworking crafts, our ‘Timber People’. We start off our collection with a nod towards a Royal Guardsman from Buckingham Palace, along with female and male RCMP officers.

Easy to make with a short length of 4×4 post and some scrap wood material. A fun design, small enough to display on your desk,on a shelf or even in the garden or doorstep.

The plans are available:


RCMP Woman

Royal Guardsman

Here are some assembly pictures of each one.

Royal Guardsman,woodworking,timber people,Buckingham Palace,crafts

Royal Guardsman

RCMP officer,woodworking crafts,timber people

Female RCMP Officer

timer people,RCMP officer,Royal Canadian Moutned Police,woodworking,crafts

male RCMP office

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