Wood map of Scotland No 1

wooded maps,woodworking,scrollsawing,Scotland,cartography

rough sawn wooden flag of Scotland

Today I progressed with making a wood map of Scotland. Measuring 22.5 inches by 35.5 inches. The back board is the flag of Scotland, made up of a 1/8 inch veneer panel to glue the boards onto, and then the rough sawn balsam fir boards are cut and fit into place.

This flag could also be a nice symbol for the university in the nearby town of Antigonish, that being St. FX University.

Next is to think about a color treatment of the boards. Once the blue and white colors were applied, its a decision whether or not it sand for a weathered look. In the end, it was left as is.

wooded maps,woodworking,scrollsawing,Scotland,cartography

deciding on finish techniques

Now its on to preparing the balsam fir panel for cutting out the map of Scotland.

I had cut the boards from a balsam fir tree earlier in the spring. Then I planed the boards down to about 5/8 inch thickness.

When you're having this much fun, who's got time to clean up!! 😉

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The panel is glued up and ready for cutting.

wooded maps,woodworking,scrollsawing,Scotland,cartography

panel glue up

A couple hours and several broken blades later, I’ve gotten to this point in the project.

wooded maps,woodworking,scrollsawing,Scotland,cartography

wood map of Scotland

Aug 22 2016

Working at it again today for a couple hours.

Slow and steady wins the race. A wood map of #Scotland I #scroll in place.

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Aug 26 2016 – All done this project now. You can see completed pictures here.

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