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Rock for the garden

large rocks,landscaping,skidsteer,CAT257B2
From the dirt pile

Dug out a rock from the dirt pile to put in the garden between the newly transplanted fruit trees.

Then it was a matter of cleaning off a million years worth of dirt.

large rocks,landscaping,skidsteer,CAT257B2
A good cleaning

Its fractured, so I get to see inside. The outside is a purple colour but the inside is a conglomerate of rounded rock. So that tells me that the smaller rocks were part of a shoreline or a river bed. Cool.

large rocks,landscaping,skidsteer,CAT257B2
to take off millions of years worth of dirt

Well you can position it as best you want, but in the end the rock will go where it wants to go.

large rocks,landscaping,skidsteer,CAT257B2
Careful positioning

Not quite how it was to be positioned but it will have to do.

large rocks,landscaping,skidsteer,CAT257B2

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