Clearing land behind workshop

excavating,landscaping,land clearing

excavating behind garage

Well I finally gave up on trying to break up the embankment with the skidsteer while waiting for local contractors to show up (over a year waiting). The soil got too compact for me to break into, so I called a company from a nearby town. Blaine MacLane Excavation did a site visit on Saturday and Tuesday morning they showed up. Robert was the operator and he did a excellent job. I easily recommend them again for any work. For them, no job is too small or too big.

I set up my camera for time lapse photography and then compiled the photos, compressing 11 hrs into a 1 min 23 sec video. View the video full screen if you can.

You can search this site for previous videos of me getting some seat time in our 257B2 CAT skidsteer. While it was slower work than the excavator above, I didn’t mind that so much. It was the hard soil that put a stop to my own efforts to get the job done. Here is one of those videos. This is what it looked like before.

landscaping,land clearing

before land clearing


filled in ditch

landscaping, land clearing

The first 30 ft

landscaping,land clearing

Sep 20 2015

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