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Tree stump experiment

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Saturday is a day to get some things off the To-Do list; clean and vacuum the house HVAC, change the furnace filter, maintenance on the water pressure tank for the well (test shut off valves, clean rust off handles and treat with RustCheck), leveled and re-tied the apple trees, unseat a tire, mow the lawn, do maintenance on the mowers, trim some branches, remove some saplings from the wild rose bushes, work on a pallet woodworking project, move a flag pole to another spot in the garden, cleaned and did maintenance on the MTL and while the pressure washer was out, worked on a tree stump.

I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now (like a couple years). I wanted to dig up a tree root and if it looked proportional and suitable, then I would clean it up, strip it and let it dry. Then level it up and make a table base for it. Well last month I dug up a root and today I got around to hosing it down.

Now I didn’t cut this tree down just to get the root. We are still clearing out a spot behind the workshop with the backhoe. So there will be other opportunities for tree roots.

I knew when I hauled it out of the ground that it was not going to be proportional (roots splayed out all around). But I wanted to follow through with the process anyway and see what I would end up with. Another idea is I could get another one similar to it and use them both for a long table, one on either end.

Even if I don’t use it, all is not lost with this  root though. I’ll probably put somewhere on the property. Maybe birds can use it to perch upon.

It turned out as I expected. Now its just a matter of finding a good tree root to follow though again.

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Welcome sign
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Experimenting with color and dry brushing techniques.



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