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Decks and Cakes

woodworking,deck buildnig,baking cakes,apple upside down cake
Early mornings

This morning we have the task of building a deck for one of our mom’s. There’s things to do before we can go over. A neighbour is coming over for a hair cut so while Gina is busy with that, I had to fill in my time.



Last weekend tore down the old deck and recycled the lumber.

carpentry,home renovations,property maintenance
Carpentry and general handyman services/property maintenance

This weekend is time to build a deck. We got up early as we usually do, and I filled in my time baking a new recipe for an apple upside down cake and a batch of pizza shells.

woodworking,deck buildnig,baking cakes,apple upside down cake
Early mornings
Apple upside down cake,caramel,homemade,baking,recipes
Drizzling on some homemade caramel

Our reward for building the deck will be to come home and snack into this cake 🙂 Now that’s motivation! 🙂

August 08, and now the deck is completed.

renovations,diy,decks,plastic deck railing
Rebuilt Deck


A Newfoundland born Canadian with a life long interest in woodworking, baking and anything else that peaks my curiosity.


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