Recycled map cabinets make for high capacity storage

Re-purpose cabinets for workshop storage
Recycling cabinets

I obtained this bulk lot of 20 map cabinets at a government surplus auction. I was going to keep a few and sell the rest. But, nobody was interested so I am recycling them as storage solutions for the workshop.




Measures about 15-1/4 x 15-1/4 x 48 inches long, these cabinets can fit a lot of different odd shaped items that would otherwise take up precious space in the workshop. Whether it be tractor PTO axles or chainsaw or cans of oil and lube, any number of items could be stored. I’ll also make up  few plywood boxes that can slide into these steel cases. That way it will be convenient to simply slide out the box, pick out what I need and slide the box back in and shut the door.

I spaced each level of cabinets on scrap 2×4’s standing on end (white boards). This adds to the storage capacity allowing me to slide in longer items like flag poles, long bar clamps, etc.

Not sure what to do with all those map tubes though! 🙂

Re-purpose cabinets for workshop storage
Recycling cabinets

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