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Brush cutting in the heat of summer

Clearing saplings
Stihl brush cutting.

With even just a few acres of forested land, it can be a never ending  job to keep the property looking like its not overgrown. I’ve learned a long time ago to “cry once, pay once”. By that I mean not to go cheap on the tools I use for ongoing or heavy use. Basically you get what you pay for. I own several Stihl products and have never been disappointed with their performance.


Clearing saplings
Stihl brush cutting.

As I said, with just a few acres, it can be a full time job. We own about 19 acres with an old “woods road” that encircles the property. Which is now starting to be overgrown with poplar (popple) saplings… “weed trees” I call them. I’ve read somewhere that cutting them within 3 weeks after the full moon in July guarantees the saplings will not sprout again. I started July 22 🙂 and started clearing the woods road when I had time.  I also have to contend with many balsam fir Christmas trees that have not been cared for in some time. Lots of trimming to do.

Landscaping around the home.
Christmas trees and landscaping

Typically I’d jump on  the quad with tools for the job and cut brush in the evening.  A while back I had made a box for my chainsaw and other tools. It was always cumbersome carrying the Stihl MS250 brush saw so I let the old brain stew for a bit and came up with this not-so-pretty, but very functional carrying tool. Ugly? Absolutely. 🙂 But it works and most importantly it did not cost a  penny because I used old scrap wood and some saved hinges from a kitchen cupboard renovation years ago. If somebody wants a close up picture, let me know and I’ll post it.

Landscaping tools
Stihl brush cutter quad tool carrier thing-a-ma-jig

Another thing I like about the Stihl saw is a tank of gas lasts about 2 hours when running at about half throttle. If I was using the string attachment I’d be more inclined to run the engine faster but with a brush cutting blade, I typically run it a little slower.  I’ve never bought one of the “proper” brush cutting blades like the triangle shaped blades found at the local Stihl dealer. But I’ve used many used 7 inch circular saw blades. Once I’m done with a blade on the saw (due to missing teeth or its worn) I put it aside for use on the brush saw.

Forestry trimming
Brush cutter saw.

Recently I seen this tool on the Stihl site and then found a few videos on YouTube.

Stihl-HL-KM hedge-trimmer-135
Stihl HL KM hedge trimmer 135

I can think of many uses to test this tool other than trimming hedges, like clearing thick weeds, wild rose bushes (which can be a nuisance), the forever returning poplar sapling, and trimming balsam fir Christmas trees. But I only see this tool being used on hedges. I wonder if:

1. This attachment would fit my FS 250 ?

2. If Stihl would be willing to offer one up for field testing?

The only way to answer those questions is to contact them and see what they say.

Stay tuned!

A Newfoundland born Canadian with a life long interest in woodworking, baking and anything else that peaks my curiosity.

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