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ol’ faithful, a Husqvarna 353G chainsaw

Battered and bruised.
Black with tar, thick with pitch, this chainsaw has seen its day but still won’t quit.

We cut a cord of hardwood today. I started out using 2 different Stihl saws but the little one I knew was underpowered for the 12 inch wide maple, and the larger one didn’t fair much better. So, I dug out Stubbert’s ol’ faithful, a Husqvarna 353G.





I say ol’ faithful because it was the “go to” for Stubbert, (my father law who passed in Nov 2011). He was a solo woodsman for nearly 40 years.

Stubbert stops for a minute.
Stubbert MacHattie from Argyle, Nova Scotia. Pictured here in Giants Lake, 2007.

I admit I don’t know much about small combustion engines other than the basics I’ve read in a book or manual. I can manage to take off a bar and chain and put it back on.  But getting it back on the Husq was a bit of a head scratcher until I figured out the chain brake has to be activated in order to get the cover back on. The lower handle mount is broke off too, so that doesn’t help matters. And the bar is well worn, such that the chain wants to cut to the right. An easy fix by simply swapping out for a new bar. Or, the recycler in me (family calls it “tightwad”, “cheapskate”) says I should break out the caliper and see if I can fix the bar before shucking our $30 for another one. If that’s even what they cost, I have no idea.

Now, this is a 353G. Not sure what the G stands for, maybe its a Good chainsaw? Maybe its a Great chainsaw? Either will do. But for me, it first meant “GOOD GAWD” why is that friggin’ handle so hot?!?! Come to find out the chainsaw has a heated handle?

Now why can’t they do that for car and truck steering wheels? 🙂

It got so hot I couldn’t handle the saw. I had no clue as to where to turn off that wonderful feature.

Luckily I had another of Stubbert’s chainsaw’s in a box… in parts (tree fell on the handle breaking the trigger). Stubbert wasn’t going to fix it but I took it on as a project. You can see where the tree limb punctured the handle.

Husqvarna 353G broken trigger
Broken trigger on this 353G

I projected it to a box on the shelf and its been there since… some day I’ll get to it.

Back to the saw of the day. Yes, so I learned there’s a slide switch on the handle, up is off, down is on. Luckily its one of the few areas of the saw not plugged with sap and pitch. Problem solved.

So, it working, it running and its got lots of power to eat through the wood. I think I just need to get a new chain and bar. That way I can see how it should operate when compared to the old bar and chain I have now… not factoring in the broken lower mount of course.

Husqvarna 353G repairs
353G broken handle mount

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