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Coco Drop Cookies

Homemade Cocoa Drop Cookies
Homemade Cocoa Drop Cookies

This is the third of 4 recipes that were new-to-me to try out and to use use of the liter of buttermilk that was in the fridge.





The recipe called for walnuts, and I can now see why. These cookies are soft like a brownie and when sealed in a proper container, they keep very well. I used a #24 scoop to portion them onto the pan. I used chocolate chips because at the time I didn’t have any walnuts.

Sidenote: I picked up some walnuts at the Atlantic Superstore in Antigonish later and a 1kg (2-1/4lb) bag cost $18.99 >:<  Highway robbery I say? What do you pay locally?

Be that as it may, this recipe is a keeper.

Homemade Cocoa Drop Cookies
Homemade Cocoa Drop Cookies

I found this recipe here.

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