Sunroom on the deck glass roof install part 10

Sunroom glass install 5
Sunroom glass install 5

So here you can see the aluminum track and the use of butyl tape to adhere the glass to the track and the wood frame. The grey butyl tape shown earlier along with the aluminum tracks drawings will make more sense.



The tape is applied, the paper seal removed and then the bottom portion of the track lays on top of it.

Sunroom glass install 5
Sunroom glass install 5

Then it deck secured to the joist, I used deck screws.

Sunroom glass install 6
Sunroom glass install 6

The top cap is then tapped into place… gently… but with sufficient force that leaves you scrunching your butt cheeks as the aluminum clicks into place. More than once I waited for instant shattering of the safety glass.

Some of the tracks were not like the others. So I had to wait again to have the company send the right parts.

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5 thoughts on “Sunroom on the deck glass roof install part 10

  1. This probably is a dumb question, but how does one work on top of the glass? For instance, they need to paint the house, or do some repair on the house where the glass structure meets the glass?

    I have a structure like this already installed but I need to do some work on the house where the glass meets the house. I thought of putting boards on top, but 1) don’t know if the frame will hold my weight, and 2) I don’t want to break the glass.

    1. Hi, In my case I doubt I would need to do any sort of work above. But for you, you can follow your recommendation and lay out boards. Secure them in place and you’ll do fine. Plywood would be a better choice.

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