Bathroom,  Renovations

Claw foot bathtub and vanity bureau installation completed

Basement bathroom finished.
Basement bathroom finished.

It only took a couple of years (start here) but worth the wait I think 🙂





Basement bathroom finished.
Basement bathroom finished.
Basement bathroom
DIY basement bathroom.

Someone asked what did I do to the drawers to accomodate the plumbing. In one of the pictures on the previous page you can see where I had drawn pencil lines in the top drawers to fit in the basin. I ended up nailing the face of the two smaller top drawers in place. For the middle drawer I did the following. It accomodates the trap and still makes use of most of the drawer for storage.

Bathroom bureau drawers.
Bathroom bureau drawers.

I used a scrap piece of bendable plywood to make that U-shape piece of wood.

Bathroom vanity dresser plumbing
Work around the bathroom vanity dresser plumbing.





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