Re-building and resizing an antique spool bed

Spool bed
Old Spool bed

A neighbor has an old spool bed, original to their home, its probably 100 yrs old or more. She currently has a sette/bench piece of furniture that is well used where family and friends like to lay back and relax, especially after a good meal. She would like this spool bed reduced from its current 39 inch width to 26 inches wide. The rails will remain the original length and she will be making a new mattress for the odd width size. Here are Before pictures of the bed.


Spool bed
Old Spool bed
Old Spool bed joinery
Old Spool bed joinery

I uploaded several videos onto YouTube of the entire process of rebuilding the old spool bed.

Pulling the plug…

It’s hammer time…

Part 4: Heads will roll… 🙂

Part 5: Laying out the marks.


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