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Basement bathroom

Bathroom installation
Bathroom installation

This is a project that will take a while to do since I will be working at it as I get time. I don’t have far to travel since its in my basement. 🙂 Of course, house reno’s tend to stretch out too because I keep saying, I’ll get to it.



We only moved in March of this year. And the basement bathroom was part of the original plan, to be roughed in and we would complete it ourselves (to save money). Starting out I had to put up 2×4 wall to divide the space, the rough in measurements are 96 inches wide and 123 inches deep. Mistake number 1….I forgot to add vapour barrier between the stud wall and concrete floor. I had lots of plastic and foam in the workshop but I didn’t notice it until after I drove in the 2 inch concrete nails.

Bathroom installation
Bathroom installation

Next task is to figure out how to build the wall that will hang the door. Not as easier as you might think considering how the builder aligned the walls in the basement. So its means putting a “jog” in the wall. I hate jogs. Don’t know what that means? Its the same as a bump-out. And I wanted to put in a 36″ door for wheelchair access but given how I am going to setup this wall, and where the plumbers put the plumbing I may have to go with a 30″ door.

Oh yes…speaking of plumbing…the builder managed to center the toilet pipe 19-1/2″ off of the wall. Ummm….that’s 7-1/2″ out TOO FAR.  Add to that, the vent stack that goes into the cement floor is outside the stud framing. Looking at it, I think the rough in plumbing was done wrong before the cement floor was laid. I haven’t measured the tub drain yet but they managed not to cement that in place by placing a 12×12″ 2×8 box around the pipe to be able to work at it when its time to install the tub trap.

I’m not about to tear up a cement floor in a brand new house so I’m going to have to figure out a way around that.

Next…frame the wall for the door.

Doorway to the bathroom
Doorway to the bathroom





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