New bird to the area


Purple finch

This Purple Finch was at the feeder this morning, sharing with a bluejay and other finches. Shortly thereafter, this bird showed up in a clearing in front of the house, pecking at the logs on the ground. It’s a Northern Flicker!


unknown bird

Rose-breasted Grosbeak birds

rose-breasted grosbeaks,animals,birds,wildlife

Rose-breaste Grosbeak

After about 6-7 weeks of feeding black sunflower seeds to the locals, mostly Finches and American Goldfinches and Black Hat Chickadees, a couple grosbeaks how shown up. They are bigger than the finches, as is easily apparent in their efforts to squeeze onto the perch of the bird feeder and still be able to turn their head in and get seeds.

rose-breasted grosbeaks,animals,birds,wildlife,birdfeeders

Rose-breaste Grosbeak

rose-breasted grosbeaks,animals,birds,wildlife

Rose-breaste Grosbeak

Truck door handle chipped at dealer


Paint chipped on handle

We brought the truck in for oil change and multi point inspection this spring. We ended up with multi point paint chips on the door handle. Dealer accepts responsibility saying it appears to be from the hoist. So they are willing to take in the truck and get it painted. Which is nice of them and appreciated. A bit of a pain though, to be honest, as they are located an hour’s drive away and they require the truck overnight.

Wood Map Nova Scotia #9 and #10

woodworking,wooden maps,wood maps,crafts,handmade,rustic,barn boards

Meanwhile in Nova Scotia

I had a special request from a lady who was a recipient of one of my earlier wooden maps of Nova Scotia. She wanted one made for her son who was working away, missing his home province. The son had grown up with a special attachment to his grandfather, who worked on his farm.

As most farmers, they walk in and out of their barn many times a day. Not much thought given to the door, so long as its swinging and closing ok. The grandfather has since passed on, and the lady wanted me to make a map of Nova Scotia from the remaining boards left from the door. The special tie between the boards, and the grandfather’s life that revolved around them, are sure to provide a special significance to the son. I was happy, and honoured, to take on the task.

Other than a slight sanding, I left the boards as original as possible. Then spent Saturday slowly cutting out the coastline of Nova Scotia. The goal from the beginning was to try and cut away the remaining boards without breaking them. I broke several blades accomplishing the task but I was successful.

The lady now has two maps! The backer boards for the Nova Scotia wood map #10 came from the uncle’s barn. I believe they were part of the interior animal stalls. I nice tie in and reminder of family work and history.

woodworking,wooden maps,wood maps,crafts,handmade,rustic,barn boards

Nova Scotia Wood Map #9 ready to ship

woodworking,wooden maps,wood maps,crafts,handmade,rustic,barn boards

Wood Map Nova Scotia #10 completed