3D Reindeer Standing and Sitting Yard Art Woodworking Plans


3D reindeer made from plywood

One sheet of plywood is all you need to make both deer. The slotted design makes it easy to assemble and take apart to store flat. This project would look great in the yard in a store window or anywhere you like! Custom sizing available upon request.

Peek a boo


young deer

A family of 3 continue to visit us this fall. Today they are chewing on the young saplings that grew from the forest floor this year. So I made a mental note to maybe not cut down everything that grows up around the house each year.

Digging some dirt and screening some soil

Had what I call a good day today in the yard. After performing the annual chimney sweep in the morning, the afternoon was filled with seat time in the MTL (skidsteer), moving dirt and digging with the backhoe.

Stupid gopro camera stopped recording when I got going with the backhoe. Its done that before, not sure why. The camera was on a tripod so it wasn’t getting bumped around, which is the usual culprit.

Also got some dirt screening done. The screener I built has lived up to its expectations. As I need rock or soil, I dump down a load of dirt. Rocks fall on one side and the soil falls in a neat little pile for easy pick up.


Apple Jelly

Found the recipe in the box of powdered pectin for jams and jellies. Figuring the apple jelly might be an interesting experiment I bought a bottle of Blue Menu Apple Juice at the Atlantic Superstore. I didn’t see all the details of the product but upon closer inspection of the label, it had 60% less sugar and sweetened with Stevia. 😛

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Skidsteer backhoe attachment

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HLA Attachments BigArm

Knowing that it was going to be  along term project to remove the dirt behind the workshop I had to choose what type of machinery I was going to need to get the job done. Renting a backhoe was out of the question because the amount of time needed to have one on hand, would cost as much as buying one. Neither of which is affordable. So I went with the option of purchasing an attachment for the skidsteer.

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