Santa Clause, his sleigh and 8 reindeer

05-WC-0152 Santa, sleigh and 8 Reindeer,woodworking plans
05-WC-0152 Santa, sleigh and 8 Reindeer woodworking pattern

Santa and his 8 reindeer, taking off with a spirited launch to all the homes around the world. If you want to make Rudolph, simply take one of the reindeer patterns and make a separate reindeer with a bright red nose! The entire project can be made from one sheet of plywood and if you cut carefully with your jigsaw, you can make it all one piece. So make sure you secure it well if you are displaying it outdoors. The project will measure 98 x 30 inches but when positioned for launch, the front reindeer will be much higher in the air, about 5 to 6 ft depending on how much of an angle you decide upon. Custom sizing available.

Trailer wiring troubleshoot

wiriing,problems,troubleshooting,LWL trailers
troubleshooting wiring

All lights work now except for the right rear park/brake/signal light. There’s about 10 leds, 4 in the middle are the park lights and the remaining are for signal/brake. Rear housing shows wiring diagram (smart). However, the 4 center ones only light up very weak, and with brake/signal applied they do stay one/blink but very weak. So I took off the light and unharnessed the wire (red) for the brake/signal. Continue reading

The Boneyard Collection Alphabet and Numbers

Yard Art Halloween Boneyard Alphabet Letters and Numbers Woodworking Plans for Projects

Yard Art Halloween Boneyard Alphabet Letters and Numbers Woodworking Plans for Projects

An fun collection of boneyard shaped letters and numbers for you to customize your Halloween decoration requirements. Use the full size patterns to make your yard art, or, cut out the patterns from the paper with scissors and decorate your walls or doors. Custom sizing available. If you are in a hurry to get the plan you need, downloads are available.



Teeth make all the difference

The teeth finally arrived for the bucket and of course I had to get them on and try out the CAT before sundown. Whoa! Teeth make all the difference. I mean, I knew it would but wow, sure is easy now.  I pulled this stump out of the ground in one back drag  and then with one pass forward I picked it up. Like a kid in the candy store, I had to get out and take pics. :)

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