Decks and Cakes

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Early mornings

This morning we have the task of building a deck for one of our mom’s. There’s things to do before we can go over. A neighbour is coming over for a hair cut so while Gina is busy with that, I had to fill in my time.



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Bearcat Wood Chipper custom discharge chute

This video is about our BearCat homemade discharge chute.

Disclaimer: This is a prototype design we made only for temporary use. It is not an authorized piece of equipment by the manufacturer. If you decide to build one for yourself, you agree to do so at your own discretion, risk and liability.

I wanted a chute that would blow chips right into the quad’s dump cart. Its a little more than 1 cubic meter (yard) of material. We previously would fill the cart with the 3″ BearCat chipper but filling it just once and dumping would take a whole hour. When I recently purchased this 8″ wood chipper, the first objective was to fill the cart with a custom chute. It did so easily, 5 times an hour. Although, there is still some things to consider, like the huge amount of airflow from the chipping action causes blowback of chips. It makes a mess but that’s not a big concern for us.

Big Rooster Weathervane woodworking plan

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Weathervane Big Rooster Downloadable Woodworking Pattern PDF

This big rooster design may be used as a decorative wall hanging, but you may add coat pegs or hooks to the Arrow or Rooster to create wall racks. You may also drill the bottom of the Arrow to make dowel and base stands. This design may also be used as a house number or sign plaque either by lettering on the Rooster or hanging a sign from the arrow with screw eyes and hooks. Be sure to check out all the options on the other Primitive Patterns pages. Beginner skill level.

Duck Box Downloadable PDF Woodworking Plan

Duck Box Intarsia Woodworking Pattern

This duck pattern by itself is suitable as an intarsia project. Or add a box to the back as a catch-all on your desk, or trinket box on your bedroom dresser. Be sure to check out all the options on the other Primitive Patterns pages. Beginner skill level. As a downloadable plan, you can purchase and be ready to get woodworking within minutes.