Spruce Logs to Build Kiln Shed

We spent Saturday this past weekend getting spruce logs to mill into 2 x 4 stud lumber to build the kiln shed. For these ones we had to travel to Piedmont, which is about a 45 minute drive. We headed out at 9am for the first load. Jim had asked Darrell for about three cords and he only wanted logs larger than 8 inches across. I know you must be thinking, why didn’t we just go cut logs ourselves. Well, time is the number one factor. Ain’t nobody got time for that, well…apparently Darrell does.

spruce logs,

Darrell loading the spruce logs.

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Bleaching Wood Slabs

Hey there, happy Friday. Jim had cut these pieces of maple on the sawmill a few weeks ago and stood them up in the workshop while deciding what to do with them. Keep in mind our kiln isn’t set up yet, in fact the building that will house the kiln isn’t built yet. He was in the workshop this morning and took a look at the maple only to find out it was starting to go fuzzy. Normally the wood would be put through the planer anyways but these pieces were too wide for our current machine.

maple slabs,bleach,fuzzy

Maple slabs

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Sawmill drip tank

One of the basic components to sawmills is the drip tank, aka the lube tank. It provides water (or other mixture) that drips onto the blade while slicing through the wood. In essence, it lubricates and helps cool the blade; the lube makes it easier on the engine pulling the blade through the wood and the cooling helps keep the blade in better condition.

saw milling,wax based windishield washer fluid,lubricants

Don’t use wax based windshield washer fluid in cold temperatures.

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Sawmill Blades Storage

As you can imagine, you have to have quite a few bandsaw blades on hand if you plan to run a saw mill. We estimate we get 300 – 500 board feet of lumber cut when the blade starts getting dull.

Here is  a picture of Jim changing the blade on the sawmill from last summer. Oh yeah, I remember summer…


Getting the new blade in place

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Homemade Baked Donuts

On the weekend we decided to try baked donuts. This was more of an experiment than anything. No high expectations at all. While surfing around the internet, I came across a recipe for baked donuts. First thought was, probably not very good. But after reading further I found out it was a thing. Before we could start we had to see if we could find donut pans locally. Low and behold, we did.

baked donuts

Donut pans.

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Make Your Own Granola Bars

If you have never even considered making your own granola bars, I am going to try and change your mind today. I won’t give you the recipe but a quick search online will give you many options according to your taste. You might say, “But, Gina, I can just go buy some at the grocery store.” And to that I would say, “When you make them yourself you know what’s in them!”

granola bars

Granola goodness.

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