Making birthday cards

last minute,sitting for pictures

moment captured

We made a birthday card for my Dad. We like to send a picture a year of the two of us. Set up the scene for the two of us on the couch, and at the last second…

Is it spring yet?


Spring time

Sometimes I see images online of abandoned automobiles, old scrap yards where the trees and bushes have started to take back control. Its interesting to see a tree growing out of an engine compartment, just something about the contrast of subject matter. This spring though, its difficult to say if its just coincidence or more like preparation by someone.

Storm update from this past weekend

snowstorm,Nova Scotia, Loch Katrine

#11. Snowshoeing Jan 28

Storm Update…we still have no power. This whole mess started Fri at 5 pm. Estimated time of restoration is 8:15 pm Feb 2.  With that said, my neighbour got his power back 8 pm this evening. The internet wireless tower is downstream of him so it has power, which allows us to finally get back online with the help of generator but can’t do anything else.

Below are some pictures from a walk on Saturday, along the old road on our property.


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1933 Chev 1 ton staked flat bed

1933 Chev #2 Ervin truck

I found this ad for a 1933 Chevy 1 ton truck the other day out of Minnesota. Search Craigslist in that area for the ad. The truck has had some work done but its been kept original. Owner said he recently put new rear tires, new ignition and replaced some wood on the cab (due to dry rot). Currently stored in a 20 ft container. I looked into transport delivery as its 2900 km west of me.

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Volunteer Fire & Rescue Adirondack style Chair

woodworking plans,projects,fire fighters,fire fighting,rescue,Adirondack chairs

Completed chair

Today we finished one of our newest woodworking plans in our online store, the Volunteer Fire & Rescue Adirondack style chair. All of the parts that make up the chair can be cut from one sheet of 3/4 inch (19 mm) thick plywood. During the process I made a few video clips on tips and the how-to of making the chair. The video is posted here.


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Experimenting with Color Prints

color prints,posters,vinyl,yard art,decor,plywood

Polar St Nick Color Print

We recently started selling vinyl color prints as options in our online store for many of the plywood yard art projects. The self adhesive vinyl color prints we sell are high quality and weather proof. I decided to get in the workshop and do a walk through of how to. Real time video with minimal editing, so you get to see what needs to be done, and what not to do. And just how easy it is to complete one of these projects. In today’s blog post is a 5 part video series on Polar St Nick.

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