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cherry tomato seedlings

We thought we would try our hand at growing our own food. Last week we started seeds for lavender, bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. Its a week now covered under store bought seed trays. We bought two tray of Jiffy brand soil pellets that had to be rehydrated and then we planted bell peppers and lavender. We had a fe bell pepper seeds left so we started on a different type of tray, one where we had to add the soil. So we did that and added the 9 bell peppers and filled up the rest with cherry tomatoes. Then we had a few cherry tomato seeds left so I scrounged a few plastic bottles and made a few makeshift seed cups.

Overnight last night the tomatoes sprouted (above). The seedlings grow very quickly. During the week I had been rotating the trays and on Wednesday I stacked the tomato tray and the lavender tray. The tomatoes were on the bottom.

I don’t know if its the loose topsoil for the tomatoes, or the fact it was under the tray of lavender, or if its just the tomato seedlings sprout faster.

I can’t remember now if I am suppose to take off the lid, once the seeds have sprouted.

Bird photo bomb


close up with gopro

This snapshot I thought was quite funny. A close up of a purple finch, yet in the background there is another purple finch wanting to get in on the picture.

This was part of some recording I was doing of a small mesh feeder I made for the birds this spring.


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Morning views

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Sunrise at 8:30 am

The sun rises over the eastern hillside at 8:30 am this April 27th. I trudged up the driveway for roadside recycling and garbage disposal this Wednesday morning. Frost on the grass, but it calls for 10º C today… just right.

Earlier this morning we had some fun watching this squirrel contort themselves to get at the bird feeder I made a while back. Captured some of it on video.

Chainsaw accident


close call on Thursday

Thursday afternoon was a great day to be in the woods. I was continuing my work of thinning the forest between the house and the lake. I had felled a gnarly spruce, the kind full of twisted branches and hardened sap, all from a hard life of growing in the forest.

The tree felled where I wanted it to and I set out to delimb the tree. Careful as I am, the bar kicked bar and the nose caught into the chainsaw safety pants. I never go into the woods without wearing them, and a good thing I was. The chain hooked and tore into the kevlar lining. The lining on its own is designed to hook the teeth of the chain and pretty much bring the rotation to a stop. Which it did, but the force of the kickback had enough momentum to cut through the safety pants, catch the canvas pants I was wearing (pictured above) and cut into it. The result was a short gash on the inside of my left leg, just about 2 inches from the kneecap.

Limped up to the house, called out for some help and proceed to make our way to the hospital. 3 hours later we’re back home and I have 3 stitches to close the wound. Close call.

Apple fritters and sour cream bits


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home baking

After a long week of working, time for a treat. We mixed up two batches of deep fried bits; apple fritters and sour cream cake donuts. Both recipes can be easily found online. The sour cream cake donuts are delicious. The apple fritters are, well, different. They are really tasty but … spongy. Yes, I said spongy. Even after they have cooled, the large amount of shredded apple keeps the donut really moist and soft. I kept the lid off of the container all night and today I took them out of that open container and put them back on a cooling rack on the counter. Out in the open and not covered, in hopes that the donut would dry a little bit.  Not so.  I have to say its an odd texture, almost like eating a marshmallow.

Goldfinches line up

The line up at the fly-thru is long this morning. Expect long delays. Tweet us your thoughts 🙂

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Goldfinches on clothesline


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Talk is cheap. #Tweets are #cheep.

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Who needs twitter with all of this tweeting!!!😀

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Ice had blocked our internet access all morning. So we spent time with the locals. A few videos headed your way 😀

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Moon shot

This picture is impressive to me because its about the best picture I’ve ever taken with the camera I have. I was frustrated with the camera today as its behaviour is unpredictable lately. So rather than leave everything on automatic I started to play with the manual settings. Much to my surprise I got this picture on the first take. 🙂 Photo untouched other than it being cropped.

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crescent moon picture