opportunities along the way

Sometimes a chore, like taking out the garbage to the road, can have its blessings. Today we retrieved a mitt full of wild raspberries! And of course, we shared with our feathered friends. They sure were curious about the red bump on the end of their perch!

nature,wild raspberries
wild raspberries

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Doggie Step Stairs with Hideaway Storage Woodworking Plan

Today we created our newest woodworking plan. This cute puppy dog step stairs includes a secret hideaway storage compartment. You can choose for yourself to paint on the features of the puppy or layer on the different parts using smaller pieces of wood. The plan also includes the full alphabet and numbers too so you can personalize the project. Full size drawings!

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new woodworking plans today

blaze your own trail

Looking for a better path, sometimes its better to blaze your own trail. :) Yesterday I dug out a large rock and put it in the garden. Today is time to work on the road through the woods.

forestry,blazing a trail,blaze your own trail,path
blaze your own trail

Turn 180 and here’s a a couple looks as I walk back towards the workshop. Its 28C today and humidity makes it feel like 38C. It’s going to be hot irregardless of what I am doing, or even if I’m doing nothing, so might as well be a little bit productive.

forestry,road building,landscaping
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forestry,landscaping,road building
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