Large Wood Map of the Atlantic provinces

wooden maps,Atlantic provinces,The Rock,island of Newfoundland

scrolling around Newfoundland

This past week I’ve been working on a commission piece for a wooden map… a large wooden map of the four Atlantic provinces. I’ve been posting some short videos on Instagram as well. I’ll update this page as the project progresses through its stages.
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Sawmill shopping. Thinking of Wood-mizer? Check this.

I’m in the market for a sawmill. I sent a legit question to the Wood-mizer web site asking about motor options. I posted the question to their web site. The person who picked up that inquiry, Dave Cheel, forwarded it to the National Sales Manager BUT not without adding in their own comments first. [Edit: Correction: It appears that comment was from Dorian Lavallee (National Sales Mgr), not Dave Cheel.]

Nice. Do you really think I would ever buy something from Wood-Mizer now?

Wood-mizer bandsaw mills

who’s stupid now?

Hydraulic spill and clean up

hydraulic spill,enviromental clean up

spill site

So this happened overnight. The CAT MTL is being repaired by local CAT rental dealer. Pins and bushing on quick attach are being replaced. The QA plate was removed and sent off to re-bore the holes for new bushings. In doing that, the local repair tech apparently did not have the proper plugs to cap off the hyd lines. Since it was only going to be a few days, I guess he figured it was safe to just use a shop rag and some electrical tape. Anyway, almost 2 weeks later the machine is still waiting for the QA plate to be returned. The last two days of hot weather must of done some magic trick to the hyd lines as today when I walked by I noticed the spill. It covers about a 5×10 ft area.

I called the CAT dealer and they came out. Clearly their fault. Tonight they put on shop made caps, and then had to move the machine and that required to top up the hyd fulid. I had a 20L bucket of hyd fluid here that I let them tap into. They poured in the entire bucket and it still didn’t bring the fluid up to read on the gauge but there was enough yo move the machine. They estimate 30L spilled.

Tomorrow they will be back with their equipment themselves to clean up, or they might have to bring in a clean up company. Either way, I’ve requested certified tests that there is no more contaminate in the soil before they fill in the hole they dig.

hydraulic spill,enviromental clean up

spill site

hydraulic spill,enviromental clean up

spill site

Jul 23:

Clean up in progress and completed.

hydraulic spill,enviromental clean up


hydraulic spill,enviromental clean up


Mantis tiller edging the garden bed

landscaping,removing sod,grass

Sod removal

We are back at the garden bed we created for the 5 new fruit trees planted earlier. Now its time to clean up the border of the sods where the initial sod removal was done with the skid steer. The Mantis tiller has an attachment for edge trimming. Its a great tool for cleaning up edges of grass and for cutting lines for peeling up sods.

Here’s a short video of the Mantis tiller with the edge cutter tool.

Sea Can Guy delivers 40 ft storage container

A local company sells the 20ft and 40ft containers, at a reasonable price delivered. We thought about getting one for a while, just never committed on it. So, since the containers where locally available, the next decision was to determine if delivery was possible to our location. Steep driveway and getting around a pre-existing building are the obstacles. They came for a site visit and said it was possible. A couple days later, they show up with the container. This video is a record of that delivery.

Planting fruit trees

This summer brings about the task of planting some fruit trees in front of the house. Something I’ve been wanting to do since moving here. Last year we planted two apple trees. So this year we set about purchasing nursery trees from Pleasant Valley Nursery in Antigonish.

We chose two pear trees, a D’Anjou and a Harrow Crisp. Pear trees need two different types in order to pollinate. Also, we chose self pollinating trees; a Tehranivee cherry, a Stanley plum and a Venture peach tree.

Here’s a before picture of the proposed planting area taken from the deck above.
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